Make this lockdown worth remembering

The title may sound ironic to many. This is because daily you wake up to this exclamation ‘kab khatam hoga yaar yeh’. And this clearly shows that you are just too bored and frustrated.

You are literally done with scrolling your gallery. Showing your insta peeps your good ol’ days. Done with checking out guys on Tinder. You have reached such a saturation point that the phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ has really started getting on your nerves?

Welcome to the reality my friends. Yes, it’s a pandemic and about 20% of global population is under lockdown. And unfortunately you do not belong to the other 80% lot.

But this no way gives you a reason to crib all day. Or feel stressed. Or just kill your entire beautiful day or in fact each passing day of your life romanticising the past. And fretting over the present.

You know what, Don’t let your past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future. Because this Zindagi is apparently very Dear.

Friends, it’s time to make each day exuberant. And in this article, I will give you a couple of points of how you can make this lockdown a memorable episode of your life.

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When it’s finally time to find your self

Every individual, once in a lifetime faces a situation where they feel incomplete. Things go topsy turvy. Nothing feels good. Nothing distracts. And it becomes a herculean task to bring yourself back to track.

This situation generally occurs after some form of rejection you face—- a heartbreak, interview rejection(s), academic failure, or estranged married life. And this leads to mental and emotional breakdown that may persist for days.

My friends, if you are going through these circumstances right now, just know everything happens for a reason. What goes within you is invisible to others. Only you experience it and have to confront it.

Here are a couple of ways through which you can bring your fallen self back to the confident, infallible spirit that you were one day. It’s more focused on a break up, which generally leaves people shattered and hopeless.

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A new life with a new file



Well I am graduated! Seems such a big word? The word does give you the chills of getting older, elderly and mature. The fun and frolics, the magic and mayhem, the hues and hysteria of college life suddenly appear to vanish. Boxed into a corporate life or a sarkaari naukri or maybe the life of never ending entrances, or just living a simple break, the reminiscents of college life move back and forth to make you feel terrible. Well lol.

The three best years of your life (as people put it) disappeared just in the blink of an eye? Longing to relive it already? Well lol

Folks, believe me every phase has its own charm. After enjoying one stage fully, it’s time to savour the flavour of the next.

Here’s a list of all the new things that await your footprints!

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Future cramps? Here’s an antidote!

Well, winters show no sign of departure this year. It’s already chilling, yet the temperature seems to plunge everyday. Is it the season chill or the dread of unemployment, nothingness and a feeling of void that’s making people feel utmost cold? All the third year students who are just at the brink of graduating but are still struggling to find a productive job for themselves, relatable stuff folks?

Friends, am in the same phase and the thought of being just languid after some months does seem a nightmare. But every failure has the seeds for success, which if looked after properly, will blossom. Always remember,

When your future doesn’t appear bright,

Just remember to keep your self confidence tight.

Here’s a list of very deeply realised tips that can help you keep yourself intact against all odds.

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When life is just at your doorstep

All you need to do is not keep it knocking….

One of my very close friend’s father recently committed suicide. The reason being incapacity in paying the debt of the loan that was sanctioned. Yes? Not an uncommon act?

When life seems sprightless, sought out the mess.

When you think there’s no hope, don’t try to strangle your throat in a loop.

Life does offer multiple colors. Don’t belittle them through self murders.

Folks, you always value things that are special to you. You ought to value your life as a customized gift designed by The Almighty. Its special, there’s a lot of bliss, beauty and brightness out there. At times you do feel insipid, but don’t let this void succumb you.

Here’s some of the tips that would help you enjoy and embrace life:

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The all new culture of bro-zoned girls

The word bro is deemed as gender neutral in the contemporary youth designed dictionary. A condensed form of the word brother, it literally signifies the essence of brotherhood with the crux being ‘bhai-bhai’. Yet, today it’s casually employed to label every other same group relations, especially among young people, thus eliminating the gender factor altogether.

Amidst the increasing usage of the word, there’s been curation of a new term that’s called ‘bro zoned’. Of course, it’s been ‘infamously’ used by girls to define their relations to a chunk of boys, yet the latter ‘bro-zoning’ the former is the ostensible new category.

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The indecipherable fuss around feminism

(A scene in the sparsely occupied metro)

Sam (thinking out loud) : Finally, after ages I got a seat.

(A young women enters at the next metro station and gives an impiled stare to Sam to leave the seat. But Sam belittles it.)

Mary (to Sam in a feminist rhetoric): Excuse me, can I have the seat?

When Sam refuses to do so, the co- passenger with an ostensibly modest air asks him to lend the seat in the name of ‘feminism’.

Feminism. The term is forced in the cliché category. The overused word. The falsely overused word, to be precise.

A lot of people out there, just to fit themselves (with a lousy understanding, of course) under the garb of profound terms like enlightenment, radicalism and equality, use the word feminism on sporadic basis. Positive discrimination against women, consideration of females over male, prioritising ladies over gentleman are some of the flawed perceptions of people regarding feminism, which inevitably makes the rich term raw and rudimentary.

Here’s some of the pointers that are casually employed by people, defining feminism in extremely superficial and sexist terms.

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Still think you are bigger than this small world?

If the word perfect is a clichè, then the word snob supersedes it. If there’s something called ‘flawless’, then the word delusion ought to be it’s synonym. If omniscient beings exist, then the sublime concept of God ought not to be reckoned.

Well if it’s a puzzling start of an article, so is the theme. I have observed, contemplated and to some extent analysed a typical tendency in some people. Infusing some philosophical concepts here; given we all are made of the same material and an immaterial soul, why do some people end of being imperious or a total snob? What overwhelming power do they have which makes them feel as  ‘El Rey’?

The world is full of snobs. Snobbery, for some people is inherent and for others it’s an instrumental part of the family history. Having confronted, dealt and dusted with a slew of snobs, here’s a sneak peek into the mindset and the processes underlying in their evolution.

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Embrace your solitude as a bliss

If you are the chap who is super introvert and loves to be a solitary wanderer, feel fortunate. Being all by yourself and scouting places alone has it’s own charm. No matter how much people may coax you to engage in groups, to initiate a conversation or to move in company; always remember that your penchant for solitude is actually a bliss.
Well folks, the article is being written by an utterly introvert person who just loves hobnobbing with words.
Been told, ordered and demanded by many people to turn gregarious and start enjoying the company of others yet could never understand why being an introvert is deemed as something that ought to be dispelled. What is so instrumental in being an extrovert that people, like me, who love their solitude, force themselves to change their knack for introversion? Why are people always exhorting a shy person, who loves being in her/his own cocoon, to be more open and active?

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The subtle art of saying the word ‘no’

Well folks, already jaded of going through the articles with the same theme and similar topics as what the title of this write up suggests?
Yet still end up being ensnared in the jaws of the word ‘yes’, when you intend to absolutely turn down the proposal? Can’t  really help not agreeing to something even if that would be the last thing you would do on this globe?

Everyone, at some pivotal point of time has been entangled in the above deplorable situations. People find it very difficult to refuse, refute or raise their voice on issues that they find uncomfortable dealing with, only to repent later.
Acknowledging a lousy task or taking a non-inclined work, just because turning them down is not your cup of tea, is only a solicited way of self mortification. Reluctantly facilitating others and a pretentious happy to help attitude has, had and will always cost you a high price for your non-eloquence in saying the formidable word ‘ no’.
Here are some self-designed, observation- cum- experienced based tips of a really happy to help person. Folks, scroll through the pointers which may help you in applying the subtle art of saying ‘no’, when jostled in rough situations.

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